Family Home Stay

Live with a Canadian family and immerse yourself in the English language and the Canadian way of life. 

Continuous and practical language learning
Living with the home stay family, you will only use English. This will allow you to practice what you have studied in class. You will also see how English is used in everyday life.

Be immersed in Canadian culture
By living with a Canadian family, you can see how Canadians actually live and become familiar with the different cultural traditions and customs in Canada.

Active life
Host families involve the student in regular family meals, activities, and outings. This can include weekend trips, visits to local festivals and tourists sights, sporting activities, or regular outings, like shopping or going to a movie.

Less worry
When you arrive in Ottawa, you can go directly from the airport to the host family home and there will be a bed (and meals!) waiting for you. You don't have to worry about finding a hotel, renting an apartment, or providing your own meals.

Friendships and life-long memories
Student and host family often develop good friendships, which last long after the student returns home. The memories live on too and leave the student with a richer and more personal experience of Canada and language learning.

We match students with Canadian families of good standing. Each family is carefully screened and we visit the family home, meet with the family members, and inspect the accommodations. Families should also demonstrate a clear desire and ability to provide students with a welcoming and pleasant study abroad experience.

Families provide three meals a day, accommodation and their hospitality. In addition, they interact with the student in English and provide practical assistance so that the student can get the most out of his/her stay.

Student-Host Family Match
We realize the importance of a good student-family match. We go to great lengths to arrange accommodations to suit your
needs. To help us in this task, we ask that you provide lots of information about yourself in the home stay application form. Based on this information, we then match you with the profile of one of our host families.

Home Stay Fees
One-time registration fee                                       C$250.00
Host Families
Home stay fee (4 weeks)                                       C$900.00