French Group Classes

ABCE Language School believes highly in a fast learning process within small group classes. A low student-teacher ratio means that our classes are smaller than those of other language institutions. This approach ensures an intimate learning environment and more time learning, practicing to think and talk in the new language, which is one of the keys to success.

At ABCE Language School we recognize that your objective is to learn to communicate, not simply to memorize lists and theoretical structure; consequently, one of the things students most like about our group classes is lots of time spent talking in the new language. 

Preparation for level

Pedagogical material included

Number of hours per week

Maximum No. of participants per class

Minimum no. required to begin a class

Cost of training

Cost of evaluating student's level

Anticipated start date of course

Deadline for registration

Success rate of ABCE Language School


PFL2 A, B and PFL2 C plus supplementary material

35 hours

6 participants

4 participants

To be determined after evaluation


Please call us for starting dates

Four (4) weeks before start of course

100% in Reading and Writing and 98% in Oral